How Dumb Can They Get? Delusional German EU commissioner imagine Europe will “beg on their knees for Turkey to join the EU”

 Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip E...

The Dog Says:-

If Turkey is allowed to join the EU, it would be utterly disastrous for Europe. The floodgates of Jihadists would be wide open and the death of democracy would be imminent.

The Dogs message to Erdogan, “Stay the heck out of Europe, we don’t want you”.

The Muslim Issue

Obviously 7,500 Muslim hate-crime murders of Germans committed by Turkish immigrants in the past ten years does not raise a bell to Guenther Oettinger.  Nor the continued efforts to strengthen Sharia laws and ban Churches in Turkey. Besides, as a  European Commissioner for Energy – why is he opening his mouth about Turkey? Hardly has anything to do with Energy issues within the EU. Turkey strategically work under the Nazi format, where feigned socialist and human rights values are used as a pretense to win people and countries over to Sharia rule.
Facts, however, show deep concerns about Turkey’s intentions to join Europe. Turkey is more and more keen on joining the Muslim Brotherhood ideology and implement more Sharia style governance. In addition, Turkey is not at all a European country. Churches are not allowed in Turkey. The entire Arab world is expecting to use Turkey as a bridge to…

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