Pentagon Confirms May Court Martial Soldiers Who Share Christian Faith

 Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

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Barry (Barak) Obama is a liar, thief and a Traitor. God Help America.

Saudi: An Eye For A Tooth.

Flag of Saudi Arabia Español: Bandera de Arabi...

Saudi: An Eye For A Tooth.    <click here.

If people in the West knew the true extent to which the Saudi government has political, financial and social influence in Britain, let alone Europe. Every school, library and food store in Britain would be closed down. Even Prince Charles is infatuated with the Saudi‘s, learning (or trying to learn) Arabic in the process of his putative conversion to Islam.

Monstrous Cloud With Mass Of 10 Billion Suns And Spanning Over 300,000 Light-Years – Envelops Colliding Galaxies

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This is like looking at a new creation. There will soon (in the next million or so years) be a new star forming region creating a stellar nursery. And who knows, new cosmic solar systems. Fascinating stuff.

This demonstrates, to me, the vastness and intricacy of Gods creation.
My sincere thanks to jericho777, Jeffrey, for this wonderful post.

If you look to the right of the picture called Pillars of Creation. (part of the Eagle Nebula). It looks to me like Teddybear ‘The Dog’, begging a bone.  >

Pastor Who Criticized Obama Disinvited From Commencement Ceremonies

Barack Obama 3

Obama and his minions are getting more Stalinesque by the day. Time for a Peach, the Imp variety.