Interesting – The guy who predicted Pope Benny would resign the Papacy also predicted Pope Francis will be the last Pope!! Barack Hussein Obama Will Be The Last United States President…

Police and Thieves

The Dog Says:-

The first step of any dictatorship, is to disarm the people. Hitler and Stalin did it. NOW it is the turn of Obama. And YOU voted for this.
Brits are disarmed. Only the Police and Criminals have weapons in Britain. We are literally at the mercy of any corrupt government that manages to con its way into power.
YOU, my American friends are going the same way. Undiluted evil is your commander-in-chief. Lose your weapons, you lose ALL your rights….then you lose your LIFE.


How Long Before The Terrorist Strike On UK Gets Through?

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How Long Before The Terrorist Strike On UK Gets Through?    < click here

It is simply a matter of overwhelming statistics. The Police and Secret Service in the UK are doing a fantastic job, preventing an atrocity in the UK. But, it only needs to fail once for hundreds of innocent Brits to die.

Sending these Muslim Terrorists to prison should be an act of prevention and protection of the public. But, in reality, the short sentences of some provide these sub-humans with the opportunity to “Network”, and learn how to succeed ‘next time’. Because there WILL BE a next time for sure.

Thanks to Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs for this Post.