“Poor me!”: Boston bomber’s mother shows no pity for victims, but claim sons were only targeted “because they were Muslim”

Aren’t these the most abominable, excuses for human beings. If my Son committed such horror and carnage, I’d shop the little bastard with no second thought. Not so with this Muslima’s, She’s frigging’ proud of the scroat.

It is very hard to be polite about such sub-human people.

The Muslim Issue

[WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE BELOW] Scroll down and listen to the venomous rant of the Boston bomber’s Muslim mother. Not a single word of sympathy for the victims of the crimes her sons committed. Innocent people who were killed, including a small child, and innocent people mangled and crippled for life because of the hate crimes of her son.
Instead, she gives the usual callous hate speech always used by the followers of Islam: the sons were ‘targeted because they were Muslim’. And they [police] ‘killed him viciously’ (it was in fact the younger Dzhokhar who ran over his own brother with a car). Then they ‘took away his voice’ because they did not want ‘the truth to come out’ (it was Dzhokhar who shot himself and missed). Says it all about the mindset. This is the mind of Islam, people. She speaks as hundreds of millions of them think.


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