Brooklyn: NYPD arrests Muslim teen who threatened to kill Jewish straphanger (video)

I wonder what the outcome of this will be? Slap on the wrist, maybe.
Political correctness along with Islamo/Marxism has created a society where Jews are being persecuted all over again. This will end in tears…God is on the side of the Judeo-Christians, whether the left and their Muslim Terrorist buddies like it or not.

8 thoughts on “Brooklyn: NYPD arrests Muslim teen who threatened to kill Jewish straphanger (video)”

  1. What about the muslim HAASAN ASKARI WHO SAVED THE JEW WHO WAS BEING BEAT UP BY ANTI SEMITIC CHRISTIAN THUGS ON THE SUBWAY??? AND NOONE, qoute the jew, walter ‘no one helped us except Hassan. a MUSLIM american saved me while my own people stood by and watched and did nothing. someone in the media who often gets painted as the enemy of the jews and israel, you know this was a sunni muslim who knew we were jews and jumped to help us.’

    here is the link to the video.\

    therefore, look at your double standards. u will dismiss this positive incident by a muslim as just freewill, and exaggerate all negative, extremist muslims to show how ‘bad islam is.’. no, its how bad people can be. nothing to do with religion. even jews will agree; they have faired much better under muslim rule, minus the last century, than under christian rule. just look at the spanish inquisitions forced conversions, tortures, murders in the name of christianity. therefore, you fail in your argument that muslims are terrorists; some may be, but thats got nothing to do with islam. don’t forget the christian crusaders.


    1. Yes there are Good Muslims too; many of them are good. But the large minority of bad ones, who follow the behaviour of the ‘Perfect Man’ Mohammed are simply EVIL, like he was.
      Also, there is nothing in the Christian Bible that exhorts its followers to be in any way violent to groups of people like the Koran does. There were some blood thirsty Crusaders in the Middle Ages, but they have become a Christian anathema over the centauries. However, Modern Muslims are still stuck in the 7th Century mind-set and relish the Murder, rape, Paedophilia with boys and girls, pillage, Genital Mutilation, Honour Killing, stoning, Beheading etc…that the Koran insists they do.


      1. no that is not the koran; you know it not. prove it, and i can disprove it. and NO, in the koran, to kill anyone irrespective of race or religion is worse than killing all of mankind; your only allowed to defend yourself if someone raises the sword against you first. Muhammad was not like you say, peadophilia is not exhorted, neither is murder, rape, pillages; its all unislamic. christians did plenty of it, but its not in christianity. why can’t you accept that just because muslims do wrong today, they, like the wrongdoing christians, are not following their religion. peaceful muslims are following the true Muhammad. evil ones are not.
        majority of muslims are peaceful. the media shows only the terrorists. genital mutilation is also wrong in islam, so every evil thing you said is unislamic, and no source whatsoever in the koran supports it. show me the verses; ill give you them again in context. and prove you utterly wrong. koran does not insist it, can’t even prove it (and i can disprove it)! honour killings, beheadings are also wrong. Where does it say any of that is endorsed, huh? where?

        those peaceful muslims today are the ones who are following the true islam; giving rights to women, endorsing education; don’t forget the highly respect women philosophers of islam of that time, muslim women warriors, muslim women writers, that the west didn’t even have till last cupel of centuries.


          1. so you can’t prove it at all. therefore, you fail this argument. and oh, you use this ‘taqqiyyah’, as I’ve heard for the first time from westerners is some sort of islamic justification of being allowed to lie…um no, your not allowed to lie ever, its not an islamic thing, its just some invention by some corrupted mullahs, nothing in islam whatsoever. i said give me the verses. you can’t, because there are none. i know better than you as a muslim rises in a muslim household my teachings; and they teach peace, not hate. you know nothing; prove that you do. wheres the evidence for your claims that islam says so and so? none. loool.


            1. We could start with the Bukhari Hadiths, Aisha, married at 6 consummated by a 56 yr old Mohammed at 9 yrs old. Murdering a Queresh tribe in Makah, beheading all the men and leaving the women and children to be sex slaves, and on, and on….
              So, where shall we begin?


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