BREAKING NEWS: Arrest has been made in Boston marathon bombing and suspect will be brought to court after a ‘dark-skinned male’ was clearly identified from two separate videos

Dark Skinned Male, needs skinning alive, sorry my Christian friends but the look of the victims, especially that INNOCENT little boy angers me.
If these sickening terrorists think they can frighten us into giving up our freedoms in the West, they are VERY MUCH MISTAKEN and have another thing coming.

Well, that didn’t take long. Evil Zionists JOOOOS being blamed for Boston Marathon Bombing

Boston Marathon

Well, that didn’t take long. Evil Zionists JOOOOS being blamed for Boston Marathon Bombing.    < click

As I said to my friend Bonni. It was only a matter of time before the Jews got the blame for the atrocious bombing in Boston.

Thank you BareNakedIslam

Frosty Wooldridge — The 100 million immigrant amnesty equation

If your leader, King, President, whatever…allows a high percentage of illegal and therefore unwanted people to become legitimate. He/She becomes complicit in the outcome of such a stupid move. Appeasement never works; the appeased simply feel they have won and that their appeaser is weak or treasonous.
It is the latter that I think is happening in Britain and America. Obama is already installed in America. God help us in Britain if Emir (prince) Charles ever becomes King of Britain. He is Islamophillic and possibly a covert Muslim convert. These people MUST be EXPOSED and the people of their Nations informed of their putative intentions.

Serious troubles brewing in Arabia: Men Deemed ‘Too Handsome’ Deported from Saudi Arabia for Fear They Would Be Irresistible to Women

Ha ha ha. Well that rules me out at least. Not that I would ever be seen dead in that part of the world. The Arabs are so ridiculous that how can any civilized Nation take them seriously. If we were Freed from our addiction to their oil or it ran out. These Arabs would be no more use to the west and would crawl back to their flea-pit tents in the desert.

The Muslims Have Started Again?

The "black flag of jihad" as used by...
The “black flag of jihad” as used by various Islamic terrorist organizations (since the late 1990s) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have decided to leave it a couple of days before commenting in the Marathon Bombing in Boston, Ma. I figured I’d allow the ‘talking heads’ finish their diatribes first.

The fact that al Qaeda had posted the same construction of the type of crude-but-deadly bomb used, on-line. In no way makes this a definitely Muslim made murder.

But now, I feel the evidence is becoming overwhelming that a home-grown Muslim terrorist may, indeed be responsible.

Anyway, I’ll trawl the cyberspace, (so you don’t have to) and see what I find. Watch this space. I will only report what I consider to be truth.