Britain Releases Child Rapist: Claims Incarceration is a “Violation of His Human Rights”

This is dangerously irresponsible of the European, so-called Human Rights court. What about the Human Rights of the victims?
If we cannot deport these Muslim Scum from Britain because of the European Courts, then it is time we leave the EU. Before all HELL breaks out in Britain. People have gone to war for much less.

sharia unveiled

Britain - Child Rapist

Human rights: The court in Strasbourg found that the decision to re-detain Abdi  in 2008 was not lawful because the required reviews weren’t carried out

European Court “Re-Molests” British Little Girls

  • Mustafa Abdi was jailed in 1998 for rape and  indecency with a child

  • Somali was later detained for two and a half  years as he awaited deportation

  • This breached his right to liberty, European  Court of Human Rights found

  • UK Government ordered to pay more than £7,000 in damages and legal costs

By Jack Doyle

A Somali paedophile has been given thousands  of pounds by a human rights court – and released on to the streets.

Ministers have spent more than a decade  trying and failing to deport Mustafa Abdi, who is thought to have cost taxpayers  more than £600,000 in jail costs and legal aid.

But yesterday Strasbourg judges ordered the  British government to pay the convicted child rapist thousands of…

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