Chicago Public Schools Ban Book on Iranian Revolution

Your freedoms are being eroded as we write this. DO SOMETHING. Be a blogger, a keyboard warrior and…FIGHT BACK NOW.

Creeping Sharia

The answer to the “What’s Next?” question above: sharia. via Lane Tech Students Protest CPS Stance on ‘Persepolis’ – Chicago.

ROSCOE VILLAGE — Nearly 100 Lane Tech students and teachers stood outside in the rain Friday afternoon to protest the CPS decision to remove copies of the graphic novel “Persepolis” from the district’s seventh-grade classrooms, and to reassess whether the book can be taught to upper grades.

Cars, trucks and buses honked as they passed the crowd gathered at the corner of Western Avenue and Addison Street, signaling solidarity with signs reading “Free Persepolis” and “Homework for CPS: Read the First Amendment.”

Lane teachers were still smarting from the CPS directive, issued Wednesday from central office, to confiscate copies of the book, and the initial confusion over whether the ban extended to libraries.

“We still don’t know who made the decision or why it was made. English teachers…

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