90 Muslim Men Rape a Young British Girl in One Weekend

We’ve gotta stop this carnage. These are OUR CHILDREN. They are our future. And I’m getting sick and tired of the dhimmie BBC calling these savages, ‘Asian’. I know Hindus, Chinese, Sikhs and Japanese people who would NEVER be associated with such savagry. They are fed up being associated with these Muslim criminals too.
You know that Your Dog Wouldn’t Like It.

sharia unveiled

Child Rape

  • Girl gave evidence to committee despite  still being ‘deeply traumatised’

  • CSJ report claims efforts to tackle slavery  in a state of crisis

  • More than 1,000 adults and children  trafficked into or within UK in 2011/12

Child Rape in UK

By James Rush

A teenage girl was raped 90 times in one  weekend it has been revealed, in a shocking report into modern-day slavery in  the UK.

The report, due to be published tomorrow by  the Centre for Social Justice, contains evidence from the girl, who was 16 at  the time she was taken into slavery and raped by 90 men.

The girl, who gave evidence to the committee  despite still being ‘deeply traumatised’ by the attacks, did not come from a  background which put her at risk, but became enslaved after befriending girls  vulnerable to abuse, it has been reported.

Andrew Wallis, chairman of the working group  that produced the report, would only tell…

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